Friday, August 27, 2010


We are inaugurating our new series, which we hope will be weekly, looking at the most ludicrous and off-the-wall responses to the press from spokespeople and publicists from that week.

Seven tech giants and the three largest office supply companies were sued today by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Interval Licensing, alleging they infringed search related patents his company holds.

The press release was issued in the mid-morning on the west coast. By the late afternoon, two of the defendants issued statements to the press, Facebook and Google. Their responses could not have been more different.

For groundbreaking social network Facebook, they sprung into action with this very original response:

"We believe this suit is completely without merit and we will fight it vigorously."

Sometimes these suits are "frivolous," but Facebook went the "without merit" way.

Google, on the other hand, put some perspective on the situation:

"This lawsuit against some of America's most innovative companies reflects an unfortunate trend of people trying to compete in the courtroom instead of the marketplace."

FACEBOOK = Big snore.

Also today, media blog FishbowlNY's sources told them that renowned magazine editor Tina Brown was willing to abandon her top post at her news site The Daily Beast to take over the editorship of newly-bought Newsweek magazine.

The Daily Beast spokesperson gave what is surely one of the most bizarre replies anybody could have ever expected:

"Tina is enrolling her daughter at Harvard University this weekend and is unavailable for comment."

Whoa! Too much information there! Usually, it's the old warhorse "they're traveling and they are unavailable for comment," but that was not good enough. The Daily Beast took this opportunity to let you, the interested consumer, know that Brown's daughter was going to Harvard and so there!

THE DAILY BEAST = Condescending.

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