Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why one editor thinks most press releases are garbage

Brandweek editor Todd Wasserman has come right out and said what I've been saying for the longest time: most press releases are ridiculous.

"...in Press Release Land, people converse like the narrators of Eisenhower-era educational films. Of course, strip away that Conehead syntax and you realize that these automatons aren’t saying much anyway."

Wasserman dissects an AT&T press release for not only corporate double-talk, but running around the news they really want to say.

He also tackles one of my favorite subjects, my #1 New Years Resolution: banning corporate quotes in press releases.

"The quotes in them are so bizarrely written that they bring a false note to any story. Yet, if the quote was in plain English, reporters might be more apt to cite it."

This is definitely the PR wake up call post of the week and a must read... right here.

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