Monday, March 22, 2010

The PR Store has gone out of business

Driving up Route 111 in Smithtown, NY the other
day, I saw this storefront in a strip mall and had to pull over and snap a photo.

Did people pull up in their car and order a Coke, fries and a press release?


GilRodriguezPR said...

LMAO!! Drew!! This is hilarious!!

Scott Hepburn said...

I used to be a copywriter for PRstore. It always amused me when other PR and marketing professionals made snap judgments about the company based on what they saw on the outside without doing any homework.

Was PRstore ideal for every client? No. Is any PR or marketing service provider? No.

We helped a lot of small business owners nationwide, though.

Pithy jabs are easy and good for blog traffic. I should know...I'm as guilty as the next guy ;)