Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Morning America's medical unit defense takes Professor Irwin Corey Award #3

ABC-TV's "Good Morning America" takes the third Professor Irwin Corey Award, given to institutions and people who make unusual choices of words -- sometimes the right ones, sometimes ones that don't make sense -- to communicate with the press.

GMA wins for its rebuttal to a University of Minnesota professor's accusation that all the morning shows' medical reports are "dreadful, sensational, advocacy and hype that doesn't evaluate cost, doesn't evaluate evidence, and doesn't scrutinize the harms and the benefits."

The NY Post jumped all over this report (kind of ironic, huh?).

Professor Gary Schwitzer didn't hold back citing examples of morning show crimes, and for GMA, he lobbed up an April 9th segment "promoting an unapproved use of a $1,200 procedure to combat toenail fungus."

Good Morning America's spokesperson had this response for the Post which had big enough holes to throw a TV camera through: "Good Morning America is committed to providing the most timely and relevant medical reporting. Led by Dr. Tim Johnson, our medical unit is the best in the business and strives to make sense of the complicated health issues on the nation's agenda."

That's nice that the medical team's work is timely and relevant, but what about accuracy and thorough research? Whatever happened to the old cliche standby, "We stand by our work?"

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