Friday, July 24, 2009

Who is the NY Mets' "behind the scenes" PR firm?

From a strictly professional point of view, I have always wondered who is really commandeering the NY Mets' public relations because of the so-many ill-advised moves and non-moves.

I was wondering if this was all Jay Horwitz, who has run the team's PR for 30 years?

When the Mets committed PR suicide last year in the inept way they fired manager Willie Randolph, it seemed that nobody was guiding the team's management sensibly. Now all hell has broken loose again and the press has come out with their knives: the team is not only bombing, but reports have broken of VP of player development Tony Bernazard taking off his shirt and challenging their Binghamton minor league team to a fight, getting into a fracas with relief pitcher Francisco Rodriguez and yelling at a Diamondbacks scout who accidentally sat in the wrong Citi Field seat.

The Mets ownership is MIA and Omar Minaya's standard press reply, which he repeats over and over, is that they are "investigating, investigating, investigating." Nobody is putting their foot down while the Mets' brand is getting whacked like an Albert Pujols grand slam.

So I'm thinking to myself -- is this all under the advisement of Jay Horwitz? Is it the plan of Mets management who know nothing about PR and communications?

Then, I saw NY Post sportswriter Joel Sherman's blog mention a "behind the scenes" PR firm that the Mets use. This is the first I have heard of the team using an outside communications adviser.

Why is their name not public? Why are they hiding? At least we know with the Yankees, Howard Rubenstein is the mouthpiece!

And whoever they are, is the team listening to them or ignoring them?

I'm curious to know how long this firm has been with the team because I think the Mets are a fascinating case study in dysfunctional communications.

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