Friday, March 6, 2009

CNN's PR strategy of fostering the growth of family time

It is heartwarming and touching to see CNN coddle their talent into spending more time at home with the kids rather than actually do their jobs. Let's just call it CNN Family Week.

Let's start with a thanks to PRNewser's Jason Chupick for the call-out today about my "Eight Most Overused Phrases in Public Relations."

He referred to the classic stand-by "He/she is leaving to spend more time with their family" because that was CNN medical coorespondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta's alibi not to pursue the Surgeon General position.

By a funny coincidence, comedian D.L. Hughley also got the family bug and quit his CNN show for that exact same reason just a few days ago.

It's worth noting that by inputting "spend more time with his family" in Google News today, there are 611 results while only 46 results for "spend more time with her family."

On a final note, this magical phrase has even evolved into a journalistic insult.

The Washington Monthly's Steve Benen recently suggested that Sen. Roland Burris, Rod Blagojevich's choice for senator to replace Barack Obama, should "think about spending more time with his family" because of Burris' latest questionable campaign fund confessions. So vicious!

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