Monday, January 19, 2009

CNBC wins today's clever comeback award

Bravo to cable channel's CNBC for not succumbing to "No Comment" in today's New York Post when the temptation to do so was most definitely there.

Page Six, never much of a friend to any NBC properties because of the Fox cable channel rivalries, got the usual "unidentified disgruntled employees" moaning about the fact that "Squawk Box" host Rebecca Quick is now married to the show's executive producer, Matthew Quayle.

Quayle, 38, who has been with CNBC for 16 years, was also married with two kids before he and Quick started dating. "He is a big Christian and would always talk about the church. And then he left his wife and babies for her. What a hypocrite," snips an insider.

Reached for comment, CNBC's spokesperson smashed an ace right back into Page Six's court, proving that in the right circumstances, you should take advantage of your response opportunity and use your wit to dominate the story:

"All three anchors on 'Squawk Box' - Becky Quick, Joe Kernen and Carl Quintanilla - have married CNBC producers. Love is in the air when you're first in business worldwide."