Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sports agent uses the press to get over the hill client one more contract

In today's NY Daily News, you can see why sports agents get paid the big bucks. They have no shame when trying to shill for their clients to get a fat contract.

Today's case is all the more interesting because it's the agent for pitcher Pedro Martinez, who has spent much more time on the sidelines injured for the past two years than actually pitching.

Pedro wants to squeeze one more year of money out of somebody, and why shouldn't it be his former employers at the NY Mets and their super-sized payroll? With no subtlety whatsoever, Pedro's agent has his day in the press to beg, er, ask for one more contract.

Pedro's agent went exactly by my public relations playbook in making his case -- saying your client would like to play in New York, and saying your client has numerous suitors, but not indicating how many or who they are.

I don't understand why sportswriters allow themselves to be willing vehicles for such obvious smoke and mirrors. Try not to laugh when you read this excerpt.

Pedro Martinez still has "a lot of baseball left in him" and would like to finish his sure-fire Hall of Fame career in Flushing, according to his agent.

Fernando Cuza told the Daily News yesterday that Martinez would "like to stay in New York." Cuza added that while the Mets are Martinez's top choice, they are only one of many possible suitors for the 37-year-old pitcher.

"He's not ready to retire. He had a tough year, first with the injury and then with the death of his dad. It took a toll. But Pedro's put all of that behind him. He's very competitive and would like to finish his career strong," Cuza said. "He feels fantastic and he's been working hard."

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