Saturday, November 15, 2008

The cat and mouse PR game continues -- it's the Mets' turn to volley

The crazy cat and mouse PR game between pitcher Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez and the NY Mets, as we've been following it all this week.

A couple of days ago, K-Rod's agent said to the NY Post that his client would be a "good fit" for the team and can pitch in pressure situations.

Today, it's the Mets' turn to volley back through the press, now via Newsday's David Lennon. Everything is playing exactly to script, with the reporter using the famous tag line of "a person familiar with the club's thinking."

Another person familiar with the club's thinking indicated that the Mets are not completely sold on K-Rod, but that could have more to do with the agent's early talk of a five-year deal. With injured closer Billy Wagner still collecting $10.5 million this season as he rehabs from elbow surgery and the Mets' reluctance to go long-term on pitchers, they'd happily sign Rodriguez to a three-year deal and increase the annual salary to make it more palatable for him.

The unsubtle message being tossed back in K-Rod's agent's court is "we don't want to give your man a five-year deal, so don't hold your breath!" Of course, with a little subtlety, they are also saying "There are other fish in the sea."

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