Monday, August 11, 2008

The new mobile marketing: publicist vanity license plates

If you were driving down the highway and noticed that the SUV next to you had a license plate that read "PRSSRLSE," would you honk and wave at them?

Would you roll down the window and shout, "Say, is that for immediate release or embargoed?"

Public relations professionals never hesitate to hand out their business cards at networking events and neighborhood barbeques, so are you proud enough of your profession to put it on your license plate?

I'm going to a new business development PRSA seminar this Thursday and I bet they haven't thought about the viral power of license plates, which has the double advantage of working on the front and back of your car.

I'm contemplating switching to vanity plates promoting my business, about as offline and old school a vehicle as there could be. I'm already the proud owner of a Grand Funk Railroad license plate frame, which promotes my quirky taste in classic rock, but could definitely be the viral marketing tool of the future.

My late father had a license plate frame on his car that read: "I'd rather be dancing." I think we should be promoting our profession with frames that state: "I'D RATHER BE PITCHING."

Contemplate these vanity license plates which public relations professionals can consider for their precious automobiles:

FLACK (paging Peter Himler!)









Do you have any vanity license plate suggestions for publicists? They can't be more than eight characters long. Or perhaps a license plate frame idea?

Please send them in as comments!

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